Today felt like summer – the forecast says that this week Scotland will enjoy the same temperatures as the Algarve! In celebration of this optimistic forecast and of the beautiful day I ditched the studying (sorry Colin! ;)) went to my little plot instead and planted a few things, including some aquilegia – which I have now learned (thanks to google) is also known as columbine or granny’s bonnet. I don’t know what colour my flowers will be as the seeds were a gift from my friends garden and I never thought to ask – I’m looking forward to the surprise (and secretly hoping for blue) ;))
aquilegia_vulgaris_4644I didn’t even know what aguilegia looked like to be honest – hence the google search ;)) Quickly realised I did know after all – and I do happen to love columbines. I’m also reminded of my love of old botanical illustrations and of old books in general and found this gorgeous example online.

1844720df4ab0530e455da17ed31c4d177a6af I also found this – which I think is rather beautiful – it’s an X-ray! Found it here –

a sense of place… orkney

hearth home tide time light dark peat smoke…

The subject of my (Final Year) Graded Unit is ‘A Sense of Place’. I chose Orkney as my particular ‘place’. It wasn’t such a hard choice ;)) The title of this blog comes directly from my graded unit sketchbook – it stems from a kind of islandy stream of consciousness relating to my time spent visiting (and sometimes even living) there, over the years.

The images below were all taken by myself and show just a few of my favourite orcadian places. These images form part of the research material used in the development of my final graded unit piece.