Silver Stitch Holder

This has to be my favourite commission yet! I’ve been asked to make a silver version of a knitters’ stitch holder. My client uses them to hold shawls and cardigans closed and thought it would be a lovely idea to have one made in silver… Me too!! IMG_1324

This is the everyday (common or garden!) aluminium version. I love the simplicity of the design and the clean lines and can’t wait to make a lovely silver version…IMG_1326

First things first, the ecosilver order arrives..IMG_1328

Making a point(!)  IMG_1333


Shaping the wire, filing and sanding away any rough edges, so that it can glide through wool without snagging.

Testing the prototype…IMG_1337 IMG_1338

It’s an open and shut case, I’d say ;)) Well, almost, I still have to work-harden the wire to make it more durable for everyday use but, other than that, it’s almost there (shape-wise, at least – my client may choose a slightly more worn or hammered finish in the end – but it’s getting there!) Personally, I love it and think she’s onto a winner. A brilliantly simple, yet sophisticated, design solution. And just so charming (and elegant) in silver.IMG_1340

Spot the difference!IMG_1352

I want one too!! :))


I made a wee pair of silver earrings for a pal’s birthday about a month ago. I made two pairs actually – so she could choose between them – one wee dainty pair and one slightly larger pair. She chose the wee ones. I’ve worn the medium ones a couple of times since then and on both occasions someone has ordered a pair!! (Note to self: maybe I should wear them more often! ;))IMG_1223_2

The most recent incarnation – another wee dainty pair – ready for dispatch above and in the making below…



A wee selection of work from Handmade by Machines…

IMG_1299_2 IMG_1288_2 IMG_1289 IMG_1292My birds are finally flying :)) Alongside some stunning work from my ex classmates – including, silver/orange necklace by Amanda McGrattan, not sure who made the slate rings unfortunately but they are also gorgeous. Silver ‘coral’ rings and brooch by Aimie McDiarmid and honeycomb pieces by Aileen Melville Gray. There were some other amazing pieces but I unfortunately didn’t get pictures of everything I liked. It’s still on until the 17th July – definitely worth a visit.