tracy galloway is a Scottish artist/craftswoman, hailing originally from a small town in Ayrshire, now designing and making in Glasgow. Her work often follows a narrative theme, seamlessly weaving together the past and the present; the contemporary and the traditional. She combines a clean, contemporary aesthetic with a storyteller’s sense of wonder and delight. Her handmade pieces combine sophisticated design with an illustrative touch as she explores themes of memory, tradition and sense of place. Her work has been described as having a simple, Scandinavian, almost ‘Shaker’, aesthetic by some and (possibly even more accurately she thinks) as being ‘plain but fancy’ by others.

hearth home tide time was originally created as an online sketchbook; a place in which to explore and document ongoing themes and concepts, new ideas and works in progress, and continues to this day to be a place to share and explore ongoing works and fascinations…


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