Graded Unit Continues, Design Boards Begin… Part One…

This weekend is officially dedicated to putting my Design Boards together!! No more time left to procrastinate, though I’m sure I’ll still manage ;)) Listening to KC – And the Racket They Made – to set me off on the right atmospheric track ;)) May have to put The Magnetic North on a loop later to really feel that Orkney spirit – the whole album mind, not just this one track – that would be a wee bit obsessive, even by my standards ;))

In other news, this week has been full of making! The Graded Unit brooch continues unabated, despite my best efforts to melt bezels and completely forget how to saw in a straight line…

Wednesday and Thursday: Cutting and Piercing the Brooch BackIMG_0455IMG_0465IMG_0476IMG_0477Friday: Findings, Bezel Settings and Choosing the perfect ‘stone’

Step One: Findings (and finding that the ones I’d made earlier now seem just a little too small!) The remedy, in four easy steps…

1. Making the (difficult) decision that the brooch findings are just too dainty (difficult, because I now have to make a new set!) 2. Soldering the new (less dainty) findings together 3. Soldering new findings to brooch back (slathered with Argotect – to try to prevent too much firestain *crosses fingers*) 4. Cleaning up brooch back and admiring new elegant just-the-right-size findings ;))



to be continued…

Kildonan Beach Shoot – Preview

The last few weeks haven’t been all about the Graded Unit (thankfully!). On my recent trip to Arran, I took some pieces from my current collection along with me, and had loads of fun shooting new images on a gloriously sunny beach :))

Here’s a tiny sneak preview – with added bonus image of my (as yet unfinished) graded unit brooch… posing as a ring for the occasion!IMG_0304IMG_0397With special thanks to my first-rate location team and models (without whom, none of this would have been possible) ;))


making and fitting a new frame

Tried to fit the old outer frame around the new woven panel… but it no longer seems to fit! no matter how hard I try to hammer ease it into place…!IMG_0158Nothing for it but to make a new frame. Luckily I’m not working to a deadline… O wait… isn’t that the 1st of May fast approaching…! Quick, hand me that torch!IMG_0162Making the new frame from an already partially made prototype, hence the random angles…IMG_0164nearly there now…IMG_0165all ready to be cleaned upIMG_0167

the woven panel begins…

Firstly, I needed some very fine (not to mention extremely footery) silver (and gold!) wire for the warp and weft of the woven panel of my brooch. And in the true spirit of Blue Peter… Here’s some I made earlier ;))


Next, some tools to help make the task slightly less footery…


Day 1:

Making the warp, measuring the panel (inaccurately as it turns out!), beginning the weave, swiftly followed by adjusting the weave to fit…!


End of Day 1:

Woven panel now correct width and becoming easier to handle as the weave grows – time to call it a day I think (while I’m still marginally ahead) :))