Graded Unit…!


So, today’s big story (the big story of the last few month’s in fact!)  is the story of my Final Year Graded Unit –  entitled ‘A Sense of Place’ – and the fact that it’s due in on 1st May! And the fact that I should in fact be getting on with it right now  – instead of writing this blog entry ;)) but hey, I figure I have to start by writing myself a list so I may as well write it here (at least that way I get to experience the joy of using the strikethrough tool as I tick things off the list) small pleasures!

It is now day 4 of the Easter Holidays, day 4 of a lovely relaxed time off – 4 lovely long days spent enjoying the Spring sunshine down at the plot and on an anti-Trident Rally; 4 days spent setting up a new blog, relaxing and browsing in Waterstones – bliss! But all good things must come to an end – or, at least, they must make way for ‘different’  good things. And today’s ‘different’ good thing just so happens to be my Final Year Graded Unit.

So, first things first – write a list of all that I need to do between now and 1st May!!! Even the thought of it makes me sweat, just a little ;))

graded unit checklist


  • weave silver/gold version of fine metal ‘fabric’ to incorporate into finished piece – copper version shown above
  • make silver findings for brooch this strikethrough is a bit of a cheat as I’d already made these ;))
  • trap silver weave in double ‘house’ frame (as above)
  • cut out and pierce backplate
  • solder posts to outer frame to make claws to eventually hold brooch together
  • solder silver brooch findings to backplate
  • cut out and pierce front of brooch – decide nearer time whether or not to use frontplate – I still like the idea of the woven panel on its own at this point in time
  • make tube stone setting for back of brooch

sketchbook/technical notes

  • start writing up technical notes!! possibly on excel sheet/database?? with relevant headings e.g. Date, Task, Method, Materials, Problem encountered (if any!), Solution, Notes Yay! First genuine strikethrough! Feels as good as I thought it would :-D)
  • check Graded Unit criteria on MyCity and plan accordingly
  • check points/percentage allocation on marking scheme
  • make sure I have suitable drawings of the final 5 designs

final boards

  • choose relevant images for final boards – Research, Development and Final Piece
  • make boards using photoshop
  • bear in mind the ‘book’ element of the brief and the title ‘A sense of Place’

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