The End (of Year Show) is Nigh…

It’s the final countdown and the final brief – Jewellery Design: Manufacturing Techniques Advanced, to be precise. This is where I get to consolidate my learning and (fingers crossed) my Final Collection! 13 days til the End of Year Show… and counting!

We have been asked to produce a piece (or pieces) using two advanced techniques to compliment our previous designs – exploring 4 Design Options in total. I have to say, I have gone all around the houses on this one (visual pun intended!) as we have had so much else to complete but I think I may be making a little progress now… Again *crosses fingers*

Design Option 1

Distressed Enamelled Pendant


Materials: Rubber (for Mold), Wax (for Casting), Casting Silver, Silver Square Wire 1.2mm, Kiln Enamels

Equipment: Hot Press, Soldering Station, Casting Machine, Oval Bangle Mandrel, Kiln, Wax Injector

Advanced Techniques Used: Forming, Casting, Enamelling

Image183#1 Image185#1 Image186#1 Image115#5 IMG_0858

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