Making a little bird pin for the ‘birdhouse’…

Yesterday I had the challenge of soldering the tiny cast bird onto a silver wire – to make a pin. The idea being, to give the illusion of  a bird ‘flying’ out of the window of the cast house ring.

Am wondering if silently repeating ‘don’t melt, don’t melt, don’t melt’ in a mantra-like fashion and holding my breath count as technical notes at this point…


First I needed some silver wire and the aforementioned little bird (designed by my own fair hand… and a computer). Then I had to bury the wee bird in charcoal to protect it from the heat of soldering – thanks for that tip Lisa. It worked really well! Wee bird came out a bit mucky but none the worse for wear – and, most importantly, not in the least bit melted!!IMG_0990 *breathes again

First I made a protective charcoal nest for the birdIMG_0991

then wrapped it up tightIMG_0997

held the the wire and solder in placeIMG_0998

and applied some heat, et voila – a bird on a wire (albeit a bit of a wonky wire – but nothing a gentle tweak with a pair of pliers won’t sort out).IMG_1001

Next I had to decide on just the right length for the pin…IMG_1003 too long I think….

bit shorter here but still a bit too long…IMG_1004

just right IMG_1005I’d say


My work here is done ;))

Well, apart from making the rest of the installation that is… Watch this space…

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