Silver Stitch Holder

This has to be my favourite commission yet! I’ve been asked to make a silver version of a knitters’ stitch holder. My client uses them to hold shawls and cardigans closed and thought it would be a lovely idea to have one made in silver… Me too!! IMG_1324

This is the everyday (common or garden!) aluminium version. I love the simplicity of the design and the clean lines and can’t wait to make a lovely silver version…IMG_1326

First things first, the ecosilver order arrives..IMG_1328

Making a point(!)  IMG_1333


Shaping the wire, filing and sanding away any rough edges, so that it can glide through wool without snagging.

Testing the prototype…IMG_1337 IMG_1338

It’s an open and shut case, I’d say ;)) Well, almost, I still have to work-harden the wire to make it more durable for everyday use but, other than that, it’s almost there (shape-wise, at least – my client may choose a slightly more worn or hammered finish in the end – but it’s getting there!) Personally, I love it and think she’s onto a winner. A brilliantly simple, yet sophisticated, design solution. And just so charming (and elegant) in silver.IMG_1340

Spot the difference!IMG_1352

I want one too!! :))

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