Back to work…

Happy to report the show went really well, I couldn’t be more pleased. I made some sales and got some commissions. Now I just need to make everything! :)) Unfortunately, immediately following the show (the day after practically) I came down with the worst summer flu I can remember having in a long time. Been out of circulation for the last week and only just venturing out now. Feel a hundred times better though and can’t wait to get started on my orders. First one in the pipeline is a bit of an easy one – one of the rings from the show and one of the wee house brooches. I had planned to just take orders at the show and to make everything new but, in the case of the pebble rings – as it’d be impossible to get the same pebble twice – the one you see is the one you get (unless, of course, you request otherwise). And the wee brooch, well, I would have re-made that but the lovely buyer (a really good friend) really wanted the one on show – as it had been the original piece that had started the whole collection. How could I refuse? Packing them up ready to go today. She also requested the wee acrylic holder, so she can put it on the wall at home just like it was in the show. I love that idea! Jewellery as art, I can live with that.IMG_1231


The brooches and rings as displayed at the showIMG_1277

And all ready to go to their new home…IMG_1278

…wee acrylic holder too :))

Making a little bird pin for the ‘birdhouse’…

Yesterday I had the challenge of soldering the tiny cast bird onto a silver wire – to make a pin. The idea being, to give the illusion of  a bird ‘flying’ out of the window of the cast house ring.

Am wondering if silently repeating ‘don’t melt, don’t melt, don’t melt’ in a mantra-like fashion and holding my breath count as technical notes at this point…


First I needed some silver wire and the aforementioned little bird (designed by my own fair hand… and a computer). Then I had to bury the wee bird in charcoal to protect it from the heat of soldering – thanks for that tip Lisa. It worked really well! Wee bird came out a bit mucky but none the worse for wear – and, most importantly, not in the least bit melted!!IMG_0990 *breathes again

First I made a protective charcoal nest for the birdIMG_0991

then wrapped it up tightIMG_0997

held the the wire and solder in placeIMG_0998

and applied some heat, et voila – a bird on a wire (albeit a bit of a wonky wire – but nothing a gentle tweak with a pair of pliers won’t sort out).IMG_1001

Next I had to decide on just the right length for the pin…IMG_1003 too long I think….

bit shorter here but still a bit too long…IMG_1004

just right IMG_1005I’d say


My work here is done ;))

Well, apart from making the rest of the installation that is… Watch this space…